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Work with SOS and ensure that your supply chain is compliant with the current organic regulations.

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Who is SOS?

SOS was founded to improve the resilience and overall integrity of global organic supply chains. The focus of SOS is to support the implementation of the Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE) Rule, the largest update to the U.S. organic regulations since it was implemented in 2002.

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Who We Help

SOS serves the organic food and non-food sector and partners with organic mission-driven non-profit organizations. Our advising services are available on-line and in-person.

Our Vision

Our MISSION is to advise organic businesses in organic compliance to prevent organic fraud and ensure supply chain integrity.

Our GOAL is to assure authenticity of organic products, protect organic businesses from organic fraud, and maintain consumer confidence in the USDA organic seal.

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Meet Our Team

Kim Dietz, Gwendolyn Wyard & Johanna Phillips are expert advisors and specialists in global organic fraud prevention and supply chain integrity. Together they have over 80 years of experience in organic policy, certification, and leadership. They are passionate about organic and the benefits it brings to the planet, people, and business.

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