Anyone who suspects a violation of the USDA organic regulations can and should file a complaint!

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suspect or Detect Organic Fraud?

What do you do when you suspect or detect organic fraud? In short, reject the product, return it to the vendor/supplier/producer and report it to your own certifying agent, the certifying agent of your supplier and the competent authority (e.g. USDA-NOP, State Organic Program). Please note that it is most effective to file the complaint to BOTH your certifier and the USDA-NOP. For other complaints within California, both the California State Organic Program and the National Organic Program should be contacted as they can levy fines and embargo products.

What is the process for reporting fraud?

Anyone who suspects a violation of the USDA organic regulations can and should file a complaint. When you report an alleged violation, you must provide as much information as possible to help ensure a thorough investigation. Provide your contact information, and the NOP will contact you if necessary for clarification or when the case is closed. It is recommended practice to check in with NOP on a regular basis to see if they need any additional information.

Reports should be written, verifiable, and accompanied with evidence documenting the suspected fraud. Evidence should be first-hand. We recommend sending a copy of the complaint to any organic certifiers involved and your certifier as well.

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